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ICC Sixth Form Admissions Policy

Ifield Community College Sixth Form Admissions Policy

Application to Ifield Community College Sixth Form College will be by published application form to the Head of Sixth form.

We aim to offer a range of academic and vocational qualifications to our Sixth Form students. Our policy is to ensure that the students accepted into the Sixth Form can be placed on appropriate courses where they are likely to succeed and, accordingly, many of our courses have minimum GCSE grade requirements. Students are invited to attend our Open Days to see what we offer.

All ICC students in Year 11 will be encouraged to apply for the Sixth Form. We also accept external applications from students wishing to transfer from another school or college. The only reason for not accepting an application will be if there is a significant safeguarding or health and safety concern.

Students are asked to select provisional course preferences. This is not a firm commitment and they will be able to reconsider their options after the GCSE results are published and in light of the college timetable.

Entry Requirements:

Level 3 Courses

The student must have attained a minimum 5 A*-C qualifications at GCSE or equivalent including English and maths

Some subjects require at least a B grade in that subject to be studied at Level 3

Level 2 Courses

Level 2 courses will be available to students who have not met the entry requirements for Level 3 study. Students will have attained D or E grades in GCSE English and maths. Level 2 in Sixth Form has its own curriculum model, offering 1 year GCSEs and BTEC courses to students.


Should the maximum number of students be reached then admission will be determined in accordance with the following criteria in the order set out below:

1. If they previously attended Year 11 at Ifield Community College

2. Looked after children, in accordance with section 22(1) of the Children Act 1989 or previously looked after children who are now subject to a residence order, special guardianship order or adoption order

3. The students average GCSE point score

4. Straight line proximity of a student’s home to Ifield Community College Sixth Form, with those living nearer being accorded priority

Waiting List

A waiting list for admission will be held throughout the autumn term for the year of entry.


Where an application for admission is refused, upon appeal Ifield Community College will organise an Admissions Appeal Panel to consider the initial decision. Applications to appeal should be made in writing to the Head of sixth form. The Panel will be convened within 30 days of the formal request. The Panel’s decision is final. Applicants may only re-appeal during the current academic year if there is a significant change of circumstances (e.g. change of address).