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Progress Leaders/Mentors

Year 7 

Miss Verity Wilson Progress Leader
Ms Cathy Bourn 7CBO
Miss Dee Gardner 7DGA

Miss Louise Teager

Miss Abigail Martin


Mr Mick Doyle

Mr Mark Harris 7MHA
Mrs Rebekah Owen 7RCL

Year 8 

Miss Phoebe Hurrell Progress Leader
Mrs Claire Jarman 8CJA
Mrs Denise Fagan 8DFA
Mr George Trebar 8GTR
Mr Ollie Perkins 8OPE
Mr Peter Curry 8PCU
Mrs Fleury-Beecham 8RFL

Year 9  

Miss Tess McThredder

Miss Stephanie Fitt

Joint Progress Leaders

Miss Tess McThedder will oversee the following Mentors
Miss Becky Taylor 9BTA

Mrs Toni Styles

Mrs Michelle Edwards


Mr Neil Sillery 9NSI
Miss Stephanie Fitt will oversee the following Mentors:
Mr Alex Barrett ABA
Miss Hannah Sumpter HSU
Miss Laura Turner LTU
Mr David Birkenhead DBI

Year 10 

Miss Charlotte Woodman Progress Leader

Mr Dave Ward

Miss Joanna salter


Mr Fred Salle 10FSA

Mrs Lynne Challen

Mrs Nicola Corrick

10LCH (Mon & Fri)

Mr Marvin Stephenson 10MST

Mrs Nicola King

Miss Natalie Johnson


Miss Sian Clarke 10SCE

Miss Abigail Martin

Miss Laura Linley


Year 11 

Mr Johnny Dale Progress Leader
Miss Claire Dickson 11CDI
Mr John Tansey 11JTA
Mrs Margaret Jennings 11MJE
Mr Nick Elliott 11NEL

Mrs Nadya French

Mrs Michelle Edwards


Mrs Sheree Clarke 11SCK
Mr Simon Clarke 11SCL

Sixth Form 

Mr Ian Brown Progress Leader
Miss Anna Lennon ALE
Miss Danielle Miles DMI

Miss Heidi Riesner   

Miss Ellie Quine

HRE (Wed)

Miss Louisa Haynes  

Miss Vyoletta  Yiannopoulos

LHA (Wed/Thur)

Mrs Karen Webb KWE
Mr Paul Hambling PHA

Ms Sandra Davey

Mrs Lesley Dale

SDA (Fri)