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Sixth form life

“Sixth form life is very different to that of lower school years. Sixth formers are allowed more responsibility and freedom. We are trusted to be mature and to set an example to younger students. As well as lessons, a sixth former may sometimes have ‘free periods’ and/or ‘private study periods’. The sixth form provides us with the facilities we need to work, relax and refuel”.


Dress Code

As part of being young, adult, role models within the College, sixth form students are expected to wear business dress based on the staff dress code. This does not have to include a jacket but must be formal business/office wear.

Please see our guide to the Sixth Form dress code

Sixth Form Centre Room

The 6th Form Centre is a large common room which is fully equipped with sofas, desks, modern computers and Wi-Fi. It proves a popular destination for students who wish to unwind and relax. If you are feeling a bit peckish, then you can always use the sixth form kitchen. Students also use this space to work in a more relaxed environment. It can be used before school and after. Thereare also excellent facilities for personal study during non-timetabled lessons. 

You will also find the office of Mr Brown Head of 6th Form, who is always available to assist students, to discuss issues such as academic performance, revision strategies, independent learning skills, careers and personal issues.

Students can use their private study to catch up on homework, review their learning and do some revision. The centre is fully equipped with desks, modern computers.


Mr Brown – Head of Year prepares students for the next stage in their educational journey. If applying to university then he will assist you during this process. (Please see UCAS applications for further detail)

Our 6th Form learning mentor - Mr Clay works with students and teachers to help overcome barriers to learning. In addition to this, every student is attached to a personal tutor. The tutor is the first point of contact if a student wishes to discuss any aspect of his/her studies. Students see their tutors twice a day and have the opportunity to evaluate their progress in their chosen subjects.

We encourage our students to find the correct balance between work and socialising. Our students often have free time during the day, and unless we feel it appropriate to intervene, we allow our students to choose how they use it effectively.