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Progress Review Day, Wednesday 15th March

We invite you for the next Progress Review Day. This is your opportunity to discuss your child’s progression with their Tutor.

We value good communication between the school, parents and students. An aspect of this is through our Progress Review Days.  These are days when the school timetable is suspended and students come into school for an appointment with their Tutor only to review their progress across the school experience, with Parents invited to attend.  The next Progress Review Day will be on Wednesday 15th March 2017.

The appointments will be scheduled for 10 minutes and you have an opportunity to choose a convenient time by logging into the Parent Evening Manager site and select Progress Review Day from 16:00 on Thursday 2nd March. (Attached is a guide on how to book appointments).

Wherever possible, we would encourage Parents to attend these appointments as this will enhance the communication between home and school.  Even if a Parent or Guardian cannot attend, the child must attend. The meeting will review progress both academically and socially and is seen as an opportunity to raise any queries you may have.

Students should only attend school for their meeting on this day and be in full uniform.

Please note the following changes

7IBR  should book with Miss L Cole

7JKA  should book with Mrs M Langford

10KOS  should book with Miss M Edwards

CKE16  should book with Mrs A Ousalem

HRI16 should book with Dr R Keelan