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Accelerated Reader

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From this academic year, all Year 7 and 8 students will take part in Accelerated Reader.

At the start of the term, all KS3 students will sit a 20-minute STAR test; this gives us specific information regarding your child’s reading ability. Students will sit this test 3 times a year so we can measure their reading progress.

Image result for accelerated readerThe STAR test generates a reading range for each student, eg 2.0-4.9. Students must read books within their reading range. If your child would like to read a book that is above or below their reading range, they must speak to their class teacher; they will use their professional judgement to decide whether the book is suitable or not.

 Once a student has read their book, they must take a quiz on it to see how much they have understood. Quizzes can only be taken in school as we do not currently have the Home Connect facility. Upon finishing the test, your child will be given a score out of 100%.  If your child consistently scores below 80% in their AR tests, they will be encouraged to read a book that has a lower reading range or one that is shorter as they may be struggling to remember what they have read.

Whilst the quizzes must take place in school, the majority of the reading should take place at home. However students can read their book during their designated reading session in mentor time- all students have one session per week- or in the library at break and lunch time. If the library is ever closed, any Year 7 or 8 student can go to S06, Miss Turner’s classroom, to read. 

Please see the PDF files below for more information regarding Accelerated Reader. As mentioned above, please ignore any information relating to Home Connect.

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How do I know if a book is part of AR? Simply go to AR Bookfind UK and type in the title, author etc. You may already have lots of AR books at home without realising!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Accelerated Reader please do not hesitate to contact Miss L Turner on

Thank you for your continued support.

Happy reading!

Year 7 overall AR quiz pass rate of 85% or above from September 2019, click to view names.

Year 7 and 8 current word count for classes and for millionaire readers, click to view names.

The following students have read the most words since January 2019:

7L1-Aiden Ford-Gerrans

7L2- Laiba Abdullah

7L3- Aniya Demirci-iddles

7R1- Lewis Bowkett

7R2- Emma Jones

7R3- Ashton Franks


8L1- Megan Argent

8L2- Stephanie Dean-White

8L3- Grace Loader

8R1- Holly Bates

8R2- Renai Harris

8R3- Khubaib Khan


Keep up the excellent work!