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Covid-19 Catch-up

The additional funding for catch-up during the lockdown is being given to schools in three tranches. The first tranche for ICC is approximately £17,000.

In order that we support good learning across all students in the school but also specifically support year eleven with their imminent GCSE exams we are targeting the students ability to manage their own learning through the ‘Neuroninja’ programme. This affords bespoke support for schools. One aspect of the programme supports all students with good ways to learn effectively outside the classroom, another supports 40 students with 1:1 sessions for 6months – this will be targeted at year eleven students and the third builds family literacy.

These are three key aspects of good learning and will support a range of students in their achievement. Specifically those year eleven students who have the largest gaps following mocks can be targeted for individual support and we can measure the effectiveness of this by comparing real GCSE outcomes with mock exam outcomes.