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 Mr Weetman - Subject Leader
Miss Turner -  Second in English & Accelerated Reading
Mrs McIver-Wren - English
Miss Ali - English 
Mrs Sinclair - English
Mr Tansey - English
Miss Martin - English & Media Studies  
Ms Yiannopoulos - Media Studies
Miss Green - English 
Miss Rendle - English/Media 
Mr O'Malley - Apprenticeship Teacher             

Curriculum Intent

The English Faculty is a successful, forward thinking and dynamic department characterised by a strong sense of collaboration and enthusiasm for our students and our subject. We strive to foster within our pupils a love of language and literature so that by the end of their education they have become:

Informed – students enjoy a broad and balanced curriculum with the opportunity to read texts by a diverse range of writers: from contemporary authors to writing from different cultures to those writers celebrated within our rich literary heritage. We recognise that literacy is fundamental to success across the wider curriculum and therefore have forged strong cross curricular links with other school departments.

Creative – we aim to develop our students’ ability to communicate effectively in a wide range of contexts and ensure that students are able to use accurate standard English and eloquent expression in discussion and debate. We nurture our students’ imaginations so that whether writing an essay, a speech or a story, it is the student’s voice which can be heard.

Empathetic – we encourage students to explore the themes and ideas inherent in both fiction and non—fiction texts, to respond sensitively to global issues and to raise their awareness of other cultures and themselves.

Engaged Learners – teaching within the English Faculty is dynamic, creative and inspiring. Through the love of our subject, we aim to instil an interest in literature and language in our students that will remain long after they have left ICC. To compound this, we provide regular enrichment activities including theatre visits, university lecture trips, workshops with guest writers, writing competitions and educational collaborations with other schools.

Qualified for Success – we understand the importance of formal qualifications and are proud of our successful track record of results and student progress. We provide accurate, regular and effective feedback to prepare students for their next stage of learning whether it be in the classroom or the wider world. We have high expectations of students’ conduct and progress and strive to support all students, whatever their ability, to be successful and ready for the next stage of their life.

Intent – The way the curriculum sets out the knowledge and skills pupils will gain and when

Implementation – The delivery of the curriculum and how it is assessed in order to build knowledge

Impact – The outcomes pupils receive as a result of the education they receive

Changes in the English Curriculum due to Covid-19

Year 7, 8 and 9 - will follow the Unit Plans as is, with added focus on those skills that were missed in the lockdown months.

Year 10 - will continue from Yr 9 and finish studying An Inspector Calls for the first two to three weeks of term. They will then study GCSE Language Paper 1 Section A (Reading) for the following four to five weeks after which they will study Persuasive Writing for a further three to four weeks. This will allow for two to three weeks to complete the final poems from the Anthology in the rest of the term. This will mean that students are back on track in the curriculum from the second term onwards.

Year 11 - AQA have confirmed that one of the GCSE Literature set texts will be optional to allow students to catch up work missed during the lockdown. Individual class teachers will decide which text will not be taught. Macbeth and the Unseen Poetry remain compulsory. GCSE English Language remains the same apart from the Spoken Language component which does not contribute towards the overall mark. Teachers will no longer be required to provide video evidence of the students' work for this academic year. The Government have announced a three week delay to the start of the examinations to allow for more revision. One of the English GCSEs will be before the June half term and one will be after.

Currently, there have only been rumours that the exams will be delayed and hence the following is correct as of 7th October

Yr 11 students will begin studying GCSE Language Paper 2 for the first half term and GCSE Literature Paper 2 (Macbeth and Unseen Poetry) in the second half term. These two papers will be the mock examinations prior to Christmas.

GCSE Resit and Functional Skills