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Extra Curricular Activities

We offer an extensive range of clubs and societies which meet in the lunch break and after school to inspire and engage students. The clubs are open to all students covering all subjects including homework. We believe students become more self-confident and responsible both in and beyond the classroom when they engage in extra curricular activities. 

Another benefit of students getting involved in extra curricular activities is that it looks great on CVs and college applications. Most colleges not only look at grades, but they take a look at extra curricular activities that students are involved in while they are in secondary school.

All students are actively encouraged to take part and try out new activities as this will help them to further develop their personal skills and talents. Clubs are open to all students, regardless of ability, and take place after school as well as at lunchtimes.

Day Subject Year groups Time Room




Art  & Design 

(Need to sign up with Ms Atkinson)

7 & 8 3-4pm G87
Drama Club 7,8 2:45-4pm G42
Dance Y.E.S (until Easter) 9 2:45-3:45pm G40
Music Djembe Club All years  2:45-3:30pm F47


Meditation Club All years 8:15-8:20am F21
Coding Club (MUST presign up) 7 & 8  3-4pm S37/S38
Creative Writing All years 2:45-3:45pm S21
Fine Art 11 & 6th Form 3-4pm G91/G81
Photography 6th Form 3-4pm G91/G81
Dance Y.E.S (until Easter) 10 2:45-4pm G40
Bus Club All years    
Drama Exam Rehearsals KS4 2:45-4pm G42
  Meditation Club All years 8:15-8:20am F21
  MFL Homework Club All years 2:45-3:45pm G88
  STEM Club 7, 8  2:45-4pm S67
  Fine Art 9 &10  3-4pm G11
  Dance Club KS3 2:45-4pm G40
  LGBTQU+ All years 2:45-3:45pm Sixth Form Common Room 
  Psychology All years 2:45-3:30pm F28
  RPG & Table top games All years 2:50-4pm F37
  History Film Club  7 2:45-3:30pm F22
  Debate Club  All years 2:45-4pm F28 
  Film Making club (Media) 7, 8  2:50-3:50pm S36 
  Quadcopter 8 2:45-4pm S67
  Fine Art 11 3-4pm G91
  Music Theatre Club All years 2:45-4pm G42
   Rock School

All years

2:45-4pm F47
  Meditation Club All years 8:15-8:20am F21
  Mindfulness All years 2:45pm S75
  Dance Exam Rehearsals 11 2:45-4:15pm  G40/G44



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Please see teachers and posters in classrooms for more information.