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Forensic and Criminal Investigation - New for 2021


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Entry Requirements: 

Grade 5 in combined Science, or,
Grade 5 in two from Biology, Chemistry, Physics
Grade 4 in English Language

Course Overview: 

The forensic and criminology sector is diverse and wide-ranging including, for example, forensic science, forensic and criminal psychology and forensic criminology. There is a wide range of occupations for graduate entry including forensic laboratories, the police force and the probation service.

Everyone taking this qualification will study six mandatory and two optional units. Taken on its own, the Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Forensic and Criminal Investigation offers the opportunity to progress to some applied degree courses. Taken alongside other qualifications, it will prepare students to progress to a wider range of degree programmes. For example, if taken alongside:

● A level in Chemistry, to progress to forensic science degree courses

● A Level in Psychology, to progress to psychology degree courses

● A Level in Sociology, to progress to criminology degree courses

Exam information:


Qualification gained: 

End of Year 12 National Extended Certificate in Forensic and criminal investigation

End of Year 13 Diploma in Forensic and Criminal Investigation

Career Opportunities: 

There are a wide variety of careers within the forensic and criminology investigation field including: Analytical Chemist, Biomedical Scientist, Crime Scene Investigator, Police Detective, Forensic Scientist, Scientific Laboratory Technician, Toxicologist, Forensic Psychologist, Crime Laboratory Analyst.

Subject Links: 

A level : Chemistry, Physics, History, Sociology, Psychology, English Language, BTEC Applied law