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Mr Elliott

Entry Requirements: 

Grade 4 in GCSE English Language or GCSE English Literature and
Grade 4 in GCSE Mathematics

Course Overview: 

Even with the economic crisis that has impacted on many industries in recent years, hospitality is amongst the fastest growing areas of employment in the world. Some sources estimate that the number of people employed in the industry globally stands at over 1.4 million.

The catering/hospitality industry includes a multitude of different styles of businesses, for example: airports, schools, clubs, casinos, hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants, cafes, bistros, coffee outlets, fast food …… and so on!!

Covering multiple subjects in two years will not only make it more interesting to study, but it will also help you to broaden your knowledge and develop new skills.

Exam Information:  

Duration: 1 or 2 years  
Exam Board: Pearson      

Year 1:            Unit 1 The Hospitality
                       Unit 10 European Food performance in Hospitality
                       Unit 11 Asian Food Leisure, Travel and Tourism

Year 2:             Unit 2 Principles of Supervising Industry Customer Service
                        Unit 3 Providing Customer Service in Hospitality
                        Unit 12 Contemporary World Food
                        Unit 22 Planning and Managing a Hospitality Event

This course is assessed through 100% coursework. Students are required to contribute £60.00 towards the cost of the two cooking units.

Qualification Gained:

Year 1 - Level 3 Certificate in Hospitality
Year 2 - Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Hospitality

Career Opportunities: 

BTEC in Hospitality will help students take their first steps towards a career in events, catering or accommodation.  Students learn essential skills such as planning and running an event, preparing and serving food and drink, and delivering first-class customer service.

Subject Links: 

Travel and Tourism, Business Studies