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Medical Information and Forms


Most children will at some time in their school career have short term medical needs which involve the administration of medication, such as finishing a course of antibiotics.  Some children will be prescribed medication on a long term basis, including reliever inhalers for asthma.  In all of these cases the children affected will often be well enough to attend school, but it is appropriate that they receive their medication during college hours.

Whenever possible, parents should ask their doctor to prescribe medication in dose frequencies which can be administered outside of college hours.  For example, antibiotics  which need to be administered three times a day, can be given before school, after school and in the evening.   In the case of an antibiotic, or other prescribed medicine which is to be administered four times a day, the following procedures will apply:

  • Medication must be handed in to the college reception by an adult and must be accompanied by the consent form, (available from reception), confirming your daughter/son’s details, the name of the medication and an emergency contact number for the parent.
  • Staff will supervise students administering their medication only if the required consent form has been completed in advance by an adult. 
  • The college will not accept medicines that have been taken out of the container as originally dispensed.
  • Medication must always be delivered to and collected from the college reception by an adult. 
  • Students who have inhalers prescribed for asthma are encouraged to self-administer their medication as soon as is practical. 

    The college cannot accept responsibility for supervising children taking non-prescription medicines, so these must not be brought into college.