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Religious Observance

We are a school community which is rich in diversity. We have students and families of all faiths and no faith, and we wish to show all equal respect.

Our principle is that school is a learning institution which is a secular space. We see school as a place to learn, including about the religions of the world, and promote respect and tolerance for all. We learn and celebrate that, in principle, the different faiths have an enormous amount in common in promoting positive values and cultures.

We do not view school as place where religious worship takes place. As such no acts of religious worship take place on the school premises. This includes all assemblies where the themes that unite the religions of the world and fundamental British values are strongly promoted without reference to any religious belief. Themes such as respect, tolerance, humanity, charity and high expectations of yourself typify these assemblies.

In modern Britain there are a mix of national holidays some which have a background in the Christian traditions of the country such as Christmas, Easter and Whitsun and others with other histories such as Boxing Day, New Year's Day and May Day. We refer to these by these names but do not promote any religious aspects of them. For example, at Christmas we do not sing songs or have readings which promote Christianity but have secular songs and readings which are not faith based and are inclusive of all our student body.

We will always support families with religious observance off-site and have done so in many ways we are very happy to speak to any family who wish us to support them with off-site religious observance. If you wish to speak to me about this either individually or as a group please contact Mr Corbett, Headteacher