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Remote Access

Access from Home link

This is the link to access from home or indeed anywhere except in school. Enter this link into an internet enabled web Browser (IE) address bar. When you get to the login screen,  you will need to enter your curriculum user name and password (ifield\i07pwally or ifield\pcu). It is also likely that you will have to answer and confirm various questions that your computer may ask you depending on how you have it configured for security.

You will also be able to launch and run various programs that are listed. You are licenced to do this via our college agreement with Microsoft.

You will be able to browse your college documents and the CRL.

We do not recommend any operating system except W7, which is the one we use in school. W8 is not tested neither in MAC operating system. WinXP may have issues but to stand a chance of it working you must have SP3 installed.

You will also need a fairly fast broadband of your own.

Your home PC should be running the latest Flash, Java and shockwave. We urge you to use IE as your browser. Other products will prove difficult to support.

We have created a Video tutorial in Access from Home New system. Watch it as it demonstrates login as a teacher and a student. Its called “Access tutorial”


You must enter your User name like these two examples: ifield\i07pwally or ifield\pcu

When you launch say Word, only click it once. If you double click you will get two instances running.

Under the login fields are two buttons. Use the top one.

Read the time out notice at the bottom of the page.

If something glitches badly wait 5 minutes. If that doesn’t cure it close browser and re-launch it.

If program Icons don’t show when logged on make sure your  IE has Compatibility view turned on. This is shown on the video at about 40 seconds into it.