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ICC strives to focus on positive achievements to enable students to reach their full potential. ICC consistently practices a Rewards system that provides our students with opportunities to be recognised and praised in and around the college. The rewards are as follows:

R1=1 point, R2=3 points, R3= 6 point, R4=10 points and R5= 15 points

R1-R3 are awarded by members of staff to students for working well in lessons and for displaying good effort in their classwork and homework. Rewards can also be accrued through academic achievements, progress, behaviour and community spirit, kindness and positive contributions in lessons.

R4 are awarded to students for attendance, sustained hard work and effort, exemplary behaviour, participation in assemblies, school performances and concerts. They can also be awarded for contributions to sport, the Duke of Edinburgh scheme, charity work and voluntary work.

R5 are awarded to students for great extended work over a series of lessons or meeting targets.

 Extra points can be awarded for good attendance per half term; students will receive 20 extra points for attendance that is above 95% and 50 points if attendance is 100%. An additional 50 points are awarded to students nominated as Student of the Fortnight. 

Reward points are recorded electronically and towards the end of each half term the points are added up. If students accumulate 300+ points they are invited to a Rewards event.