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STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) 2016-17

"The school’s science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) curriculum is a notable feature. Pupils have opportunities to be involved in a wide range of activities, both in and beyond school, such as computer coding, taking part in chemistry classes at Brighton University and women in engineering projects. This provision is linked closely to the school’s careers and guidance work and ensures that pupils are well informed about future employment and education routes. A good range of extra-curricular activities help promote pupils’ wider learning." (Ofsted 2016) 


STEM - ICC and Thales / international links project 2017

As part of our Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) programme at Ifield Community College, we are embarking on an exciting new project in conjunction with a prestigious international science education organisation, Savauntier and with Crawley based tech-giant THALES; to provide a bespoke STEM enrichment programme targeted at our younger learners at KS3 (Years 7-8).  For more information, click here




Please follow the links on our STEM website ( for further details:

STEM 2016-17 

  • 3rd October – Thales' "Y8 Introduction to STEM day" - 30 x Y8 students
  • 12th October - Nuffield Presentation Evening (Vaiva Bauzaite)
  • 31st October – Thales' Scratch programming competition launch – all Y7
  • 1st November - EES launch event at University of Brighton - 6 x Y12 students
  • 1st December - STEM family challenge / Careers Fair, 6-8.30pm
  • 13th December - Post-16 Arts / Design / Media Conference – 11 x Y12 students
  • 14th December - Y9-11 Architecture / Product Design Day at University of Brighton – 45 x Y9-11 students
  •  9th January – Antweight robots” – 2 x 20 Y8 & Y10 students
  • 13th January - "Waste House" (Architecture) at University of Brighton – 15 x Y12 students
  • 19th January - STEM family challenge, 6-8.30pm  23rd January – Thales’ Y13 Apprenticeship Day – 3 x Y13 students (Eryk Pracon later accepted on Advance Apprenticeship starting September 2017)
  •  2nd March – Thales & Les Savanturiers de la High Tech introduction meeting
  • 22nd -23rd March – STEM Weald Technology workshops – 18 x Y9 students
  • 28th April – EES / Gatwick Airport presentation / awards ceremony  28th June – Big Bang competition display 5 x Y12 (EES / Gatwick Airport) + 6 x Y7/8 (Thales & Les Savanturiers de la High Tech)
  • 7 th July – Awards Ceremony for Thales’ Scratch Programming Competition – 13 x Y7 finalists (Winners: Ellie Pennington & Isabella Perry)
  • 8 th July – Thales’ Family Day (invitation only to winners and finalists of Scratch Programming Competition) - Summer – Nuffield placements – 3 x Y12 students Ongoing
  •  BrightMed (Brighton and Sussex Medical School) – Ongoing Saturday workshops and mentoring programme for 13 x Y9-11 students
  •  NHS / BA Y12 work experience
  • EES / Gatwick Airport – 5 x Y12 students (Gatwick Airport: 2 x site visits, 2-day university workshop, presentation / awards ceremony and Big Bang competition display)
  • Thales’ holiday work experience – Y10-VI form
  •  Thales & Les Savanturiers de la High Tech – KS2 STEM Club (woodland visit, Wednesday Club and Big Bang competition display


Watch this space, details coming soon...........