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Year 8 Options

Welcome to our Year 8 Options process.

The Options Evening will take place virtually on Thursday 3rd February from 5pm –  6pm. 

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Please see each subject to view an informative video, course information and the qualification gained. 

Once you have decided which subject you would like to opt for you will need to record this information via options online. To access and complete the process, you will need your individual login details, these details were emailed to parents, carers and students on Monday 24th January 2022. All forms must be completed by 4th March 2022 @ 5pm.

You may find that you already have all the information you need already but if you have watched the subject video and still have questions then you may wish to book an appointment between 5-6pm on Thursday 3rd February 2022 with a specific member of staff for a subject. Appointments can be made by using the Parents' Evening System

Mr Perkins will be available on Microsoft Teams from 4:45pm to 6:15pm to answer any technical questions you may have regarding activating accounts and why you cannot see specific sections.

Please click on the following link which will take you to the options online page where you will be asked to select your method of registering.


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For any queries, or if you have not received your login details, please contact Mr Perkins by email

For guidance on how to book options online, please click here

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why can I not choose the same options as my friends?

We have split the year group into two sections the core group (approx. 60%) must choose History or Geography, 2 GCSE’s and 2 subjects from the remaining list. The 6+ group (approx. 40%) are our highly gifted students and must choose History or Geography, a language, 2 GCSE’s and 1 from the remaining list. In addition, only those students in the 6+ group can choose Triple Science, Psychology & Computer Science due to the high levels of literacy and numeracy required for these.

I’m in the core group but really want to opt for Triple Science, Psychology or Computer Science what can I do?

As these subjects are only available to the 6+ students the best thing to do is to speak to one of the subject teachers of these courses and see if you are a suitable candidate to move into the 6+ group. If a lead teacher for this subject would like to invite you based on your hard work and exceptional skill in their subject during KS3 then we will be in contact with you based on their recommendation. Please be advised that if you are successful and move into the 6+ group then you will then need to follow the same criteria as all the other students.

I am already capable of speaking multiple languages, do I need to opt in to another?

If a student is fluent in another language already they may be suitable to opt into our community language programme. They would be able to sit a GCSE in their home language and subsequently complete the language section of the English Baccalaureate without the need to study French or Spanish. If you fall into this category then a parent will need to sign in to the options programme and write the following “My child can already speak (Russian) and would like to opt out of choosing a language” into the parental comment section. Mr Perkins will then be in touch about how to complete the process.

What if I change my mind about the subjects I wish to opt for?

Before the 4th March you can change your mind as often as you wish but make sure your selection is correct by 5pm. After the deadline has passed the options blocks will be generated, and you will need to speak with Mr Perkins about making suitable changes, but you will only be able to change subjects if a class has space and if it doesn’t clash with your other choices. Once we start year 9 you will have until the end of September to make changes but after that your options will be fixed for the next 3 years.

Why do I need to choose reserve subjects?

It isn’t always possible to guarantee every student their top 5 picks. Some subjects may be undersubscribed and therefore will not be viable to run for such small numbers, other subjects will be oversubscribed and staff will select the students that are best suited to their subject. In either case a reserve option is important, so we can ensure you get the next best solution.

What is E.A.L & Learning Support?

English as an Additional Language & Learning Support are groups set up for some of our students who would benefit from extra guidance and support throughout their GCSE’s. Students will have been contacted about this option if we thought you would benefit from it, however please contact Miss Jackson ( to find out more if you feel you should have been included in the invites.