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About Us

“Sixth form life is very different to that of lower school years. Sixth formers are allowed more responsibility and freedom. We are trusted to be mature and to set an example to younger students. As well as lessons, a sixth former may sometimes have ‘free periods’ and/or ‘private study periods’. The Sixth Form provides us with the facilities we need to work, relax and refuel”.



We aim to give every student a broad academic, creative and cultural education while also preparing them for life after school in higher education and work.

The Timetable

The academic timetable runs over two weeks, Week A & B.  Sports matches take place on Wednesday afternoon while extracurricular activities take place after school. Students are encouraged to participate in work experience and community service.

Years 12 to 13 

There are a number of different ways in which you can choose to study in the Sixth Form. 

A Level Pathway

Some students pick a purely academic pathway and choose to study only A levels. Most students in year 12 will study four A levels, and then focus on three in year 13. A levels are assessed through exams at the end of year 12 and at the end of year 13.

BTEC Level 3 Pathway

Other students are keen to take a more vocational route and therefore study Level 3 Vocational courses. These are equivalent to A levels but tend to be assessed through coursework and unit exams. These courses all run for two years and carry same UCAS points as A Levels.

Some students enjoy studying a mix of both Level 3 Vocational courses and A levels. 

Level 2 Pathway

Finally, we have a Level 2 BTEC Pathway.  Level 2 courses are equivalent to GCSEs.  They are suitable for students who have not achieved the criteria to study Level 3 BTEC or A level courses and last one year.

At the end of the first year, students then ‘step up’ to study level 3 BTEC courses in year 13.

GCSE English and Maths Resits

It is a national requirement that all students must re-sit their English and/or

Maths GCSE if they do not achieve at least a grade 4 in Year 11.

The Sixth Form options groups are reviewed annually. Students choose four subjects in year 12 being AS Level, BTEC or a combination of the both and continue with three in Year 13. 

Dress Code

The aim of the Dress Code is to empower students to explore smart dress wear  that reflects who they are as individuals whilst looking and feeling confident and professional. 

Uniform expectations: 

  • Polo shirts
  • Crew neck jumpers
  • Plain dark jeans
  • Leggings with long top
  • Chinos
  • Tailored trousers
  • Smart shoes
  • Blazer / suit jacket
  • Knitted jumpers
  • Smart skirt / dress
  • Shirt / blouse
  • Ties (optional)
  • Facial piercings to be small studs (1 only)​
  • Make- up to be professional and minimal rather than create a ‘feature. 
NO ( If you can see up it, down it or through it!​) 
  • Any logos, branding or images​
  • Hats
  • Hoodies
  • Leather (unless belts or shoes)
  • Shorts
  • Beachwear ie. flip flops, sandals or beach dress​
  • Strap tops (shoulders covered)​
  • Any offensive clothing
  • Trainers
  • Blue denim
  • Ripped clothing
  • Sportswear
  • Hooped facial piercings​
  • Hooped facial piercings​
  • Jewellery that could create a health and safety risk​

You will be required to wear formal clothing when representing the school.

Sixth Form Centre

The 6th Form Centre comprises of a common room which is fully equipped with sofas, desks, modern computers and Wi-Fi and a personal study room for independent study during non-timetabled lessons. Students are able to use these areas before and after school.

You will also find the office of the pastoral team, who are available to assist students, to discuss issues such as academic performance, revision strategies, independent learning skills, careers and personal issues.

Students can use their private study to catch up on homework, review their learning and do some revision. The centre is fully equipped with desks, modern computers.


We encourage our students to find the correct balance between work and socialising. Our students often have free time during the day, and unless we feel it appropriate to intervene, we allow our students to choose how they use it effectively. 

Click here to view the team who will be supporting you through your Sixth Form Journey. 

Inspire, support, succeed