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Mrs Costin - Head of PE 
Mr Whale 
Mr Ward  
Ms Hurrell - KS4 Co-ordinator
Mr Dale - KS3 Co-ordinator
Miss Woodman
Mr Ashton

Curriculum Intent

Our Physical Education curriculum aims to engage and motivate students to learn skills and concepts through participation in a wide range sport and exercise activities.

We aim to:

  • Challenge pupils to develop competence to excel in a wide range of sports
  • Inspire and enthuse students to actively participate confidently
  • Provide a wide range of opportunity for students to embrace competition
  • Encourage students to lead healthy and active lives, in school and the local community

We intend that our broad curriculum enhances pupil’s physical skill development, personal skills and values.

We encourage students to develop independence and to think creatively in a variety of settings, including competition, leadership, fitness and participation activities, with the intention students leave ICC inspired to continue in competitive sport or lead active, healthy lifestyles.

Through a wide variety of team and individual sports we aim to inclusively enhance students’ knowledge & understanding of skills, techniques, decision-making, tactics, strategies, compositional ideas, rules and regulations. We believe that in doing so we encourage students to broaden their experiences, challenge their own perceptions, profile performance and use feedback to improve.

Through a range of activities and roles, each posing different demands, we endeavour for pupils’ to develop transferable personal skills such as self-reflection, resilience, initiative, communication, problem solving, organisation, leadership and critical analysis.  

Through the Physical Education curriculum, we believe it important to promote core values of teamwork, fair play, respect, inclusion, citizenship and excellence. We aim to actively challenge students continuously improve through our curriculum, extra-curricular opportunities and community initiatives pushing them to be the best they can be, whilst being tolerant and inclusive of others.

We strive for students studying Physical Education qualifications at KS4 & 5 to be independent enquirers, confidently questioning pre-conceived ideas from the world of sports performance, the media and UK sports governance. We aim to build on student’s personal skills supporting them in expressing their own opinions and fluently communicating ideas, whether in the written or visual form.

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