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Uniform and Possessions

Uniform, Possessions and Valuables

The school uniform is worn by all students in Years 7 – 11.  It is standard in colour and has been designed to be inexpensive and durable.

Compulsory Uniform:

  • Flat, black, plain formal shoes
  • White shirt (button at the neck, short or long sleeved, no cap sleeves)
  • School tie*
  • Cardigan - college logo (optional)*
  • Sweatshirt - college logo (optional)*
  • Blazer – college logo*
  • Straight leg black trousers
  • Students can also wear a black pleated skirt*
  • Black, white or grey socks/black thick tights **
  • A school bag suitable to carry books
  • Students may choose to wear the hijab. This must be plain black with no decoration or fringing

Items marked with * must be purchased through our uniform supplier, Premier sports. We hold a small selection of year ties, please call the school 01293 420500 in advance to check the availability.

** socks must be worn below the knee.

Students should always have their blazers with them in school. In the warmer months (Easter to October half term) students may leave their blazers off for their comfort. Students are not able to wear other garments in place of their blazer (jumpers, sweatshirts hoodies etc.). They should either wear their blazer or be in their shirt and tie.

Please note, that the school tie colour you are issue with in Year 7 will remain the same from Year 7 to Year 11. 

Items not Permitted:

  • Open toe sandals, backless shoes, heeled shoes, canvas, trainer style shoes or boots 
  • Jackets, hoodies, hats, caps and outdoor coats are not to be worn inside the school building
  • Skinny leg, hipster, ¾ length, leggings, lycra, cotton chinos or any other fashion trousers 
  • False nails and extensions are not permitted. This includes acrylics nails
  • Coloured nail polish. Natural colour permitted  
  • Excessive make up, no heavy makeup or false eyelashes. Discrete make up will be allowed
  • Tattoos
  • Jewellery 
  • Hairbands are to be discreet and not decorative
  • Ear, facial or body piercings, they are considered a Health and Safety risk. If a student comes into school wearing any piercing item, the student will be asked to remove it, regardless of when the piercing was done.
  • Extremes of hairstyles or shaved patterns which may cause offence

Progress Mentors check daily to ensure students are wearing the correct uniform as outlined above. A parental note must be provided if a student is unable to wear their full school uniform. If a parental note is not provided, students not wearing full uniform will be placed in Alternative Provision until the matter is resolved.

Whilst the advice above intends to cover our experiences of uniform queries it is not a comprehensive list of all possible queries. For items that do not have specific advice we will apply our judgement in line with advice above and the school decision will be binding.

Physical Education

Indoor Activities

  • Red polo shirt -college logo *
  • Black shorts
  • Black or white socks
  • Trainers – Should be suitable for the surface that is being played on and have ribbed soles that provide a secure footing. Therefore, plimsolls, vans and converse type trainers are NOT suitable

Outdoor Activities

  • Reversible games top - college logo **
  • Red polo shirt*
  • Black shorts
  • Black tracksuit bottoms
  • Black or white socks
  • Trainers
  • Football boots – For use on the field bladed or studded soles are recommended in sports where the surface is soft slippery so as to ensure a secure footing
  • Shin pads – These are recommended for personal protection in contact/semi contact sports, e.g. rugby, hockey and football
  • Gum shields – These are recommended for sports such as hockey and rugby as they provide students personal protection and lower the risk of injury to the mouth

We recommend items marked with * be purchased through our uniform supplier and items marked ** must be purchased through our uniform supplier, Premier sports.

Dance Kit

  • Black Polo shirt – college Logo*
  • Black shorts / leggings

We recommend items marked with * be purchased through our uniform supplier, Premier sports.

There is an obvious need for safety and hygiene within Physical Education and so all students are expected to wear their PE kit for every lesson. Long hair must be tied back. Jewellery is not permitted in college, so we do not expect it to be brought to the PE faculty area. Watches, valuables (including mobile phones etc.) are to be either left at home or safely stowed in lockers before the beginning of lesson, as PE staff are not responsible for any losses.

Please ensure PE and Dance kit items are clearly marked with the student's name.

Kits must be brought to lessons even if there is a valid reason why students are not taking part, as they will be given non-physical roles within the lesson and the PE faculty would not like their college uniform to be damaged or get dirty.

To Make an Order:

All Ifield Community College uniform such as blazers, skirts, tie, cardigans, sweatshirts, PE an dance kits are available to order through our official online supplier, Premier Sports.

To order:

School Bags and Equipment

Parents will appreciate that text books are costly so it is important that each student should be equipped with a large strong bag. You are asked to ensure that it is not over‑sized but large enough to take a fair number of books without bending or distortion.  Back packs and messenger bags are our preferred style.

Students are required to have a pencil case to carry their equipment. Pencil cases  should contain a minimum of black pen, green pen, pencil, ruler, eraser and protractor (a clear pencil case is required for mock and external exams only). Scientific calculators are a requirement, Aurora AX-595TV is the brand we use in school as the Casio 83FX plus has been discontinued. 








Please note that students can bring their own mathematical equipment and their own coloured pencils and felt tips.  Black pens are required for all written work and examinations.

Pencil cases containing equipment and scientific calculators can be purchased from the Finance Office at lower price than high street prices. 


Lockers are available for students to keep their belongings in. There is a charge of £25 at the start of Year 7 and pro-rata for students starting after Year 7. This covers the use of the locker up to the end of Year 11. Lost keys are charged at a rate of £5.00  per key. 

The locker remains school property. A member of the Senior Leadership Team may search a student's locker where there exists a reasonable ground to do so and without prior notice. Every effort will be made to ensure the student and an additional staff member will be present when a locker is searched, except in an emergency situation.

Mobile Phones

Although students are permitted to bring a mobile phone into school they must be switched off and carried in their college bag or placed in their locker.

Students misusing their phone will have it confiscated.  A contract will be issued and parents will be asked to collect the phone from the main office. 

Care of property

The County Council has no legal liability to make good personal property damaged, lost or stolen on the premises.  It is important therefore that students should not bring money in to the school unless it is for paying for their break and lunch, or school trips.   Students should only bring items that are actually required for the school day. Students are not to bring expensive items into school and if they do it is at their own risk.