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X - Science

Lead Teacher - Miss A Heath
Qualification  - GCSE (Combined Science Trilogy)
Level - Foundation tier (grades 9-4)
          - Higher tier (grades 5-1)
Lessons per fortnight - 8

Course Outline 

Biology includes:

  • Cell biology and Organisation
  • Infection and response
  • Homeostasis and response
  • Inheritance, variation and evolution
  • Ecology

Chemistry includes:

  • Atomic structure and the periodic table
  • Bonding, structure, and the properties of matter
  • Organic chemistry
  • Chemical analysis
  • Chemistry of the atmosphere

Physics includes:

  • Energy
  • Electricity
  • Forces
  • Waves
  • Magnetism and electromagnetism

The new specification focuses on application of this content to scientific investigation, ‘how science works’ ideas, mathematical skills and the quality of written English.  

Exam Details

Exam Board - AQA

Year 11

6 written papers (100%).

Each individual paper has a duration of 1 hour 15 minutes and is worth 16.7% of the GCSE.

All papers have a combination of multiple choice, structured, closed short answer, and open response questions.

Career Progression 

Students can go on to study AS / A levels in Biology, Chemistry and / or Physics, or, BTEC Level 3 in Applied Human Biology. This opens the door to careers in medicine, nursing, forensic science, veterinary science, sport, sciences and retail business, research, Architecture, Sports data analysis. 

Science qualifications at GCSE level enable students to obtain places on apprenticeships in the building, cosmetic, hair and beauty, manufacturing and engineering industries.

Subject Links 

Science is a STEM related subject and links well with mathematics, ICT, product design, psychology, geography, health and social care, sports subjects and Humanities.


Further Requirements

There are no further requirements.